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The Company

Flirt Cupcakes is an original cupcake bakery in the heart of Old Strathcona, in Edmonton, Alberta. The shop has a fun modernized-retro feel which reflects the modern day cupcake!

Every morning, at the break of dawn, Flirt's bakers are busy baking up a storm which includes 12 different cupcake flavours plus a feature flavour that changes monthly. Every cake and buttercream made at Flirt is made fresh, from scratch and using only the finest
of ingredients (local
ingredients when possible!).

Flirt also caters to events such as baby showers, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, grand openings, and corporate functions. Having had the privilege of working events such as The Canadian Country Music Awards and Sonic Boom Festival, Flirt has the experience to add that 'sweet' touch. Free consultations are offered through the Whyte Ave location to discuss ways that Flirt can help you're big day be a success!



The Community
Flirt is 100% locally owned and operated by Michelle LeMoignan and Brianna Vallet. Having both grown up in the beautiful city of Edmonton, it is their desire to not only offer the city with high quality cupped sweets but to give back to the community that has offered so much to them.
Flirt Cupcakes has been involved in many fundraisers, events and galas throughout the past couple of years with organizations such as Little Warriors
, YESS, The Fringe, and Ice on Whyte.
And no
cupcake ever goes to waste! If Flirt

 does not sell out, the remaining cupcakes are donated to    various charities and organizations within
 Edmonton such as YESS, The Ronald McDonald House, Mustard Seed, inner city schools, and more!

  In The Press


Behind The Scenes
by The Little Red Kitchen
When I stepped into Flirt cupcakes on a chilly March morning, the seductive smell of warm sugar, cocoa and butter hit my nose. It was clear that there were cupcakes in the oven...
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The Cupcake Comeback
by Travel Alberta
When Rick Krupa and Michelle LeMoignan opened their shop on Valentine's Day last year, there was a line up around the block. Not surprisingly, three months they're already turning a...
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A Flirty Valentines Day
by Eating is the Hard Part
Flirt Cupcakes, Edmontonís first Whyte Ave cupcake shop, celebrated its one year anniversary today by handing out 100 free cupcakes. As you probably know...
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    The Love List: Flirt Cupcakes
by Bianca's Love List
I love a great many things, which I share with you via this list. But it recently dawned on me that I have been rather selfish in this love, as I haven't branched out and given this list some legs...
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30 Days of Edmonton
by Lightside Photography
Cupcakes are one of those little things in life that can make your day so much better. Especially if they are fresh and high quality, like the ones at Flirt Cupcakes. Cupcakes used to be something...
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Flirt Cupcakes To The Rescue
                     by Foodie Suz
For Flirt cupcakes are tasty indeed and Iíll fight anybody who says otherwise.  I like them.  They suit my palate and soothe my sweet tooth.  Plus, they are very very pretty cupcakes....
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  Yummy For Your Tummy
by D4 Photography
While in Edmonton yesterday I stopped by Flirt Cupcakes, I had been there once before and had to stop and get more of these yummy cupcakes! They are so tasty and they look fabulous...
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Hey There Cupcake!
                 by Diane Schuller
How's a cupcake in natural light grab you? I found this amazing place on my recent trip to Edmonton, AB: "Flirt Cupcakes". It's a darling little spot on Whyte Avenue (a great place for people watching, nifty boutiques)...
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Flirt Goodness
by Tangible Moments

I am a self-confessed sweet-tooth and caffeine junkie. Yes, I LOVE to eat, especially when it involves cupcakes. It was such a pleasure hanging out with Michelle from Flirt Cupcakes today...
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