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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your cupcakes baked from scratch everyday?
Yes, absolutely! We make our cupcakes and icings fresh from scratch every morning.
You will never be sold a day old, or pre-frozen cupcake at Flirt.

Do you use shortening in your icings?

Our butter cream is made the way it was meant to be enjoyed - without the additives
of shortening or margarine! We use real butter in all our buttercreams.

Do you have peanuts in your kitchen?
Yes, we use peanut butter in our icing for our cupcake flavour, Nuts About You.
Because of this, we recommend those with peanut allergies do not eat our cupcakes.

Can you make gluten free cupcakes?
We currently offer gluten friendly cupcakes in store. The flavour will vary by the week. For gluten friendly orders of 6+ cupcakes, we recommend you pre-order to guarantee we have them baked.

How do I properly store my cupcakes?

Since our cupcakes are baked fresh the day of purchase, they are best consumed within 1-2 days. For overnight storage, place cupcakes in an air tight container in a cool place at home.
Preferably not the fridge as this tends to dry them out.
Flirts cupcakes can also be frozen for extended periods of time. Allow 3-4 hours for them to
get back to room temperature.

What do you do with any left over cupcakes at the end of the day?
Flirt Cupcakes never go to waste! Left overs are either donated to local charities and
fundraisers or re-sold the next day for half price.

Why do you sell out?
Because our cupcakes are baked from scratch every day, we can only estimate the amount
to bake each day. By noon our ovens are turned off for the day and the baking staff have gone home. We try our best to ensure we have enough to make it to closing time, but this is not
always possible. To ensure you receive the cupcakes you need, please pre-order the
cupcakes by calling 780-757-4899 or
order online.

Can you do custom cupcakes?
Yes we can! Throw us an idea and we will try to make it happen.

Do you do deliveries?
Yes we do! For your convenience we can deliver your order to you during regular business hours Monday thru Friday. Deliveries start at $12.50 and are available within the city and surrounding communities. Deliveries require 24 hours notice.
Please feel free to call us for more information 780-757-4899.

Did we not answer your question? Please feel free to email us at info@flirtcupcakes.com or phone us at 780-757-4899.

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