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Flirt Cupcakes Wedding Guide

So you've got your taster pack, you've opened it up and you're ready to dig in, but wait - which flavour is which?
Below is our guide to show you which flavour is which! We recommend mix and matching flavours to find your favourite combo!
To view our standard flavour pairings, you can view our flavours here.


All of our icings are a traditional American buttercream. We use real butter, milk and icing sugar. They are all nut free, gluten free and egg free. Our vegan icings use vegan butter (soy based), oat milk and icing sugar. 

For custom coloured icings, we can use our vanilla, vanilla cream cheese, vegan vanilla and peppermint. All other icings are naturally coloured based on the ingredients in them and can't be adjusted. For black icing, we use chocolate with a touch of black colouring.



All of our cakes are made from scratch and are both nut free and egg free. For cupcakes, we have 2 sizes: Classic or Mini.
The samples in your taster pack are our mini size.

Mini Cupcakes with icing are approx 2" x 2". Classic Cupcakes with icing are approx 2.75" tall x 3" wide.

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