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Our Sweet Story

Michelle LeMoignan and Brianna Vallet are the dynamic duo behind the success of Flirt Cupcakes, a beloved bakery that has been delighting the people of Edmonton for over 14 years. With a shared passion for creativity and a genuine love for their craft, they have built a thriving business that continues to bring joy to the community through their delectable treats.

Michelle and Brianna's journey as business owners began when they embarked on a mission to create a bakery that combined their love for baking, their entrepreneurial spirit, and their desire to serve their community. With a shared vision and a commitment to excellence, they founded Flirt Cupcakes, which quickly became a local favourite. Their passion and commitment are contagious, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for customers and inspiring their team to share in their love for creating exceptional treats.

Over the years, Michelle and Brianna have fostered a deep connection with the Edmonton community. They have become an integral part of the local culinary scene, not only by serving delicious cupcakes but also by actively participating in community events and supporting various charitable causes.

As they continue their journey as business owners and artisans, Michelle and Brianna remain true to their original vision: to bring smiles to the faces of their customers, one delectable treat at a time. Their unwavering commitment to creativity, quality, and community engagement ensures that Flirt Cupcakes will continue to be a beloved institution in Edmonton for many years to come.

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